Monday, January 27, 2014

Nerd City will be at C2E2 April 25-27, 2014!

My favorite thing about being a part of Nerd City is having the opportunity to promote and share the work of artists and creators that I believe in. Over the past few years, Nerd City's booth at C2E2 has been a chance to showcase some of the work of our friends and favorite artists as booth exclusives. Nerd City will return to C2E2 on April 25-27th at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL with yet another booth full of great guests and amazing exclusives. 
From my own Galaxxor and Lucha Sharks toys, to pieces from perennial favorites like special guests, The Godbeast and ManOrMonster? Studios, this year is shaping up to me the most epic yet! Our lineup will feature work from other in booth guests, such as Mystical Warriors of the Ring, True Cast Studio, Alexis Ziritt, and The Mark Ultra to work from our favorite artists and good friends from around the world, like BigMan Toys, Goodleg Toys, Frenzy Brothers, Ralph Niese, 5.5 Customs, Extra-Truckestrial Customs and much, much more!
Even though all of the buildup to C2E2 will also be covered on Nerd City, this blog will serve as a convenient "go to" place for a complete listing of all of the details of all of the exclusives at Nerd City's booth at C2E2 (we don't even know the #, yet!).
The next few months should be very exciting, filled with highly anticipated reveals of exclusives, collaborations, oddball toys, and far out art.
We hope to see you at C2E2!

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