Monday, March 17, 2014

Purple Frenzy Lazer Saur C2E2 Exclusive from Goodleg Toys x Kaiju Lab

Hot off the heels of their wildly successful initial drop of Lazer Saurs, our friends from Goodleg Toys and Kaiju Lab are following things up with yet another insanely cool colorway of their Lazer Saurs, The Purple Frenzy Edition! Available exclusively at Nerd city's booth #750 at C2E2 (April 25th-27th) this beautiful purple beast with GID accessories is limited to an edition of three and will run you $70 each.
From Goodleg Toys:
"Lazer Saurs are descendants of an old civilization of Dino-Men that has been inhabiting the planet Prehis for more than 2000 years. Shortly before a devastating meteor impact, a team of soldiers and scientiest - known as the Lazer Saurs - were sent into space. Their mission: to find the mysterious Essence of Life in order to save Planet Prehis from its fate."

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