Monday, April 21, 2014

Galaxxnar C2E2 2014 Exclusive from ManOrMonster? x Monsterforge x Galaxxor

A while back, after the recording of one of our Nerd City podcasts, Brandon Barker (the mastermind behind ManOrMonster? Studios) and I were discussing what we could do that would be a cool exclusive for the upcoming C2E2. What we ended up deciding upon was a mash up of two of our most iconic creations. The concept was to be that, during a battle with General Gorgax and his Cyborg Space Barbarians, a severely damaged Galaxxor crash landed upon Wor. Luckily, the robot body found itself right next to one of Bog-Nar's tendrils, and regenerated into Galaxxnar: Monster Fighter Mutant Muck Menace Robo!
Somewhere between a Marvel What If? and a buddy cop movie, the idea began to take shape. Galaxxnar was going to be a super powered mashup of a character, who would end up defending Wor from a new cosmic threat. Galaxxnar was brought to life by a mind-blowingly cool sculpt by none other than Charles "Monsterforge" Marsh, with an additional Galaxxor head shield by Brandon, himself.
Galaxxnar features the magnetically interchangeable articulation that you have come to know and love from ManOrMonster? as well as an extra tendril and Galaxxor head/shield accessory. When it came to header card art duties, we called upon the insanely talented Alexis Ziritt (also a guest at Nerd City's C2E2 booth this year!). Alexis brought some seriously krackling cosmic heat with a positively stunning image of Galaxxnar, doing his proverbial thing. We're also going to offer a super limited art print of Alexis' header card at the booth this year.
Galaxxnar sports some beautiful hand painting by ManOrMonster? Studios and will be limited to an edition of 5. You will be able to score your very own Galaxxnar at Nerd City's booth (#750 in The Block) at C2E2, April 25th-27th for $100 each.

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